Hello my dear sweet shining stars !! I’M really happy to live in this world of talented Stars . I’ve been challenged to quote by Zeba. Juveriya ( https://juveriyaslifeblog.wordpress.com ). I’m really happy to express my gratitude towards Zeba. Juveriya ➡️ (wonderful blogger , talented person , mom’s child , supportive, lovely , Optimistic ,Continue reading “3.2.1 QUOTE ME ! CHALLENGE !”

Nominated for Blogger’s Award

Thanks a lot Rotimi Elijah , for having nominated me for the “Mystery Blogger Award”. I consider Rotimi Elijah’s blog ( inspire me ) as something which stands beyond blogging . He writes with his heart & spread some positive thoughts and words & also host the flag of inspiration in the readers . Therefore,Continue reading “Nominated for Blogger’s Award”

A comment on computerised world # the imaginary world

This is what I felt now about my contemporary world at this moment . But I don’t know why I’m posting this , also don’t how this thought come to me at this moment !!!! . . Life without computers is unimaginable today . We can do anything at anytime in anywhere . It enableContinue reading “A comment on computerised world # the imaginary world”

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