Dear December

A verse of a girl who took birth only to fail

⏱️When my clock rings Twelve ⏱️

Twelve months ago At a December night When my clock rang twelve I had stepped into a new course But it’s difficult to study & score.   Twelve months ago At a December night I had started to study it It’s not BA , not MBBS , not LLB But it’s valuable than those courses.Continue reading “⏱️When my clock rings Twelve ⏱️”


Through the bushy eyelashes Which had woven lots of mesmeric dreams……. Tears – the colourless blood of broken heart Spread out without her will And decorated her bushy eyelashes Like a raindrop on the tip of the bushes It may be decor It may be irritating It may be commiserate But beyond all….. It’s worseContinue reading “👁️…..Eyelashes…..👁️”

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